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I love you

I bet you were looking for substance.

This took me a long time to get working right, so you will just have to suffer through this intro.

I couldn't have done this without help of these guys, wow.

So here we go...

Things I want in a spouse...

Loves me

Does laundry

Doesn't hog the sheets

Shares the remote

Cooks dinner sometimes...

Has a job

Can turn on a computer

Plays reasonable game(s) (video or other) with me

Can easily make friends

Finds play dates for us and/or kids

Snores.... Zzzzz

Snores super loud

Drives a 4 door, b/c I love my coupes!

Remembers important dates for me

Plans vacations (with others)

Can be romantic!




Doesn't nag

Helps me be better me




Has hobbies

Has goals

Easy to please

Does the little things

Has her own life

Let's me go out on my own